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The McCreary County Attorney’s Office is dedicated to providing the members of our community with a safe place to live by holding the guilty accountable, protecting the innocent, and preserving the dignity of victims and their families. We shall seek truth and justice in a professional manner, while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

In pursuit of this mission, the County Attorney resolves to:

  • Promote a work environment that emphasizes high ethical standards, professionalism and competent legal representation.

  • Establish an atmosphere of compassion, trust and mutual respect.

  • Maintain public confidence by creating a day to day operation that is efficient and effective.

  • Provide training for employees and education for the public to be knowledgeable about the administration of justice.

  • Create and maintain open communication to promote the best interests of the community.

  • Encourage an environment that is positive and courteous among employees and members of the public.

  • Collaborate with law enforcement and community groups to deter crime.

  • Ensure the rights of victims are upheld with dedication to treating victims with dignity, respect and compassion.

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